wicked chicken, a history

wicked chicken started the same way many fruitless ideas start out…as a doodle in a notebook in college when I didn’t feel like researching my college senior thesis anymore. Let me back up a bit here—my senior thesis was supposed to be about the use of image as symbols in conveying the language–blah, blah, blah–until one of my professors, feigning some sort of interest in what I was saying by nodding and half smiling until she couldn’t take the drivel anymore interjected

“That’s “great” (insert verbal air quotes and visible yawn)…what else?”

“Well, I was also thinking about doing my project entirely around the subject of chickens—”

“YES, THAT’S IT! DO THAT!” You think I’d just injected her with 500cc’s of crushed black-market caffeine pills in a suspension of Surge soda.

early wicked chicken doodles

The first appearance of wicked (without her trademark hat) in 2007

And so my senior design thesis and obsession interest in everything chickens began.

I researched everything from ancient folk art, to myths, to the poultry industry, to backyard chicken keeping, to chickens in pop-culture. In a half-awake, coffee-fueled procrastinatory state, I doodled a cartoon chicken in the margin of my notes. It was a pretty wonky doodle to start, but one thing was for sure, she was flinging attitude from the very start.

From then on, she was popping up in my doodles everywhere…on notes, on receipts, on the back of bill envelopes. Everywhere but in the public eye.

After years of putting wicked chicken on the back burner for more “serious endeavors” in my career, I could not ignore her incessant nagging to become more than just doodles I shared with a choice few people in the world.

Fast forward to now

Since no one was getting any younger, I realized that there was no more time to waste. With the help of some swift ass kicking by my friends and family, I decided to bet it all on black and dedicate more time to sharing wicked chicken and all her infinite wisdom on the interwebs.


You’d think chickens. But, no.

wicked chicken and friends is about:

  • speaking your mind
  • being your sweatpants-wearing self in a high-heeled world
  • not being afraid to raise your hand and say “I don’t get it.”
  • being smart enough to know that sometimes you just have to take a break and laugh at life
  • embracing your humanity—all of it
  • sticking your tongue out at the notion of being “ladylike”—because what does that really mean anyway?
  • finally having a fucking online comic created by a woman that’s not about boyfriends and the horrors of putting on mascara
  • HEART 100%

About Amy CQ, Chief Cartoonist & Cat Herder

Amy CQI’m Amy CQ and I like drawing things with Sharpies.

I also like reading books (sometimes without pictures), watching TV and movies, and pretending that I’m still ‘young and hip’.

Some of my most notable achievements are:

  • Inheriting the genes of a fine artist as well as being a full-blooded Italian without the ability to tan.
  • Going undercover as someone seven years younger during college and graduating with a BFA in Graphic Design.
  • Ignoring the the fact that being a 30-something year old is not the ideal time in a women’s life to join a roller derby league.
  • Drawing the 7up Cool Spot by rote since 1987.

I’ve self published one book. It was a Looney Tunes fan-fiction adventure with Bugs, Daffy, and Tweety Bird pulling a Robin Hood and stealing a ‘bag of money’ from would-be robbers. Then proceeding to buy a limo and meet up with their buddy Micheal Jackson to sing on the “We are the world” track. Published by: My kitchen table. 1st Edition. One copy in existence (very rare) Copyright ©1983.

meet wicked chicken
meet wicked chicken
meet wicked chicken
meet wicked chicken

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